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“Being an avid bee admirer and honey lover, hosting a hive in my yard is a great honour. The scent of honey wafting across the garden is delightful and watching the bees in their different modes of flight and pollen collection is endlessly fascinating. Daniel is passionate about the well being of the hive and does a great job in ensuing it is a healthy and thriving colony . Highly recommended.”
– Kes, local resident

“I have been part of Daniel’s Adopt-a-hive project since 2014. It’s just fantastic for my son and I to be able to see the bees coming and going, and foraging in my garden. I’ve learnt a lot from watching Daniel with the bees and am so pleased to see my adopted hive thriving under his management.”
– Phoebe, local resident

“We have one of Daniels hives in our back yard and the bees are all over our fruit trees and flowering plants. Daniel looks after the hive with regular visits, always checking in before he comes around. It’s been great to observe the process and have Daniel answer all my dumb questions.”
– Tim, local resident

“Hosting one of Daniel’s hives is such a great thing to do. I love to watch the bee’s behaviour, their reactions to weather and the pollination around our garden. Daniel is so passionate about what he is doing, and makes it so easy for us that I highly recommend trying it. Love our bees!”
– Vivienne, local resident 

“We have had a “Bee Sanctuary” in our garden for less than a year. So far it has been brilliant. Daniel looks after the bees and I love watching them coming and going. We have young kids and the bees are completely compatible with them and their friends!”
– Marco, local resident

“We have had one of Daniel’s thriving hives in our yard for about 2 years now, and it has felt like a great blessing. Our vegetables and fruit have been thriving and it is always engaging and reassuring to see the bees interacting with our garden. We love to watch as Daniel gently opens the hive, revealing the industry and abundance within.”
– Michael, local resident

Michael Gersch