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The Sanctuary Longstroth Solid Top Frame Hive

The Sanctuary Hive

For far too long the backyard/hobby beekeeper has been stuck using commercial equipment tailored to the needs of the migratory apiary industry – focused on portable hives that maximise honey production.

Finally, here is a beehive designed specifically with the backyard beekeeper, as well as the bees welfare, in mind.

The standard hive that most beekeepers use (The Langstroth Hive) is designed to be portable – moved around on trucks to follow honeyflows and pollination work. These hives are also designed to be dismantled – boxes are added to make room for honey and taken away when the honey is harvested. Lots of compromises, both for the bees and the beekeepers are made so that these hives are more convenient for commercial beekeeping work.

Most backyard /hobby beekeepers rarely if ever move their bees and they don’t care about pushing them to max out honey production – certainly not at the cost of the bee’s health – so why would they use a beehive that has been designed to do this?

Introducing… The Sanctuary Longstroth Solid Top Frame Hive – The Sanctuary Hive

Combining the best of numerous beekeeping styles and including some unique innovations, The Sanctuary Hive is specifically designed to be friendly to both the beekeeper and the bees.

Heavy Lifting And Bending Over Eliminated

The Sanctuary Hive completely eliminates all heavy lifting and bending over. This is because of The Sanctuary Hive is a horizontal hive – boxes don’t need to be stacked and unstacked to perform an inspection or to harvest honey. The built in hive stand means the Sanctuary Hive can be set at the perfect working “bench” height for easy direct access to any part of the hive. Beekeeping just became a lot less physically demanding… AND a lot less stressful for the bees. This is a completely different and much more relaxed beekeeping experience.

The Sanctuary Hive combines the best of all worlds from numerous beekeeping styles.

With so many advantages for both the bees and the beekeeper, this hive is the perfect bee sanctuary.