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Guest speaker: Simon Mulvany – founder of Save The Bees Australia

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Founder of Save the Bees Australia – Bee The Cure, Simon Mulvany is an ex ranger, gardener and beekeeper who has made it his mission to educate people about the plight of the precious pollinators, both indigenous and introduced.

“It is crucial that we help protect the native species and that we keep honey bees, respectfully and responsibly. We respect that both have their place, whether it is in industry or biodiversity- and that we simply can not live without them.”

Simon is a passionate bee educator and an outspoken opponent of practices detrimental to bee health in the beekeeping industry.

With a massive following on social media Simon has most recently been known as the whistle blower who brought the practice of “honey laundering” in the Australian honey industry to light. Honey laundering is when imported honey is mixed with Australian honey and sold with misleading labels. The largest honey packer in Australia – Capilano – has not taken kindly to some of the things Simon has written. As a result, Simon has found himself fighting Capilano in The Supreme Court of New South Wales.

Simon will talk to the class about his experiences as an advocate for bee-health and if he’s allowed to (the courts have forbid him to talk about certain things) what’s going on with the Capilano court case.

Here’s a story from The Daily Telegraph about how Capilano has put a gag order on Simon. 

Here’s another from the ABC about how Capilano and Simon are suing each other over social media posts. 

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