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Guest Speaker: Phil Chandler – The Barefoot Beekeeper

Phil Chandler – The Barefoot Beekeeper

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Phil Chandler (UK) – The Barefoot Beekeeper – – is widely considered one of the founders and foremost innovators of the Bee-Centred Beekeeping movement.

Perhaps best known as a Kenyan Horizontal Top Bar Hive beekeeper, Phil’s plans are widely used as the standard when building these hives. I’ve often heard the question asked when embarking on building a Kenyan hive… “Are you building a Chandler hive?”

(The Chandler Kenyan Horizontal Top Bar Hive plans can be downloaded here.)

Phil runs beekeeping courses in Devon UK, is a prolific author on the topic of Natural Beekeeping, has a YouTube channelpodcast inventor of The Quadratic Hive and Ecofloor.

With a focus is on keeping bees for their own sake, Phil promotes a greater understanding of these amazing creatures.

Phil’s is a widely known and respected author on the subject of beekeeping. His book entitled ‘The Barefoot Beekeeper’ is a seminal work in Bee-Centred Beekeeping. This book, along with his many other publications (The Quadratic Hive, How To Start Beekeeping For Free, How To Build A Simple Top Bar Hive, Balanced Beekeeping I – Building A Top Bar Hive, Balanced Beekeeping II – Managing A Top Bar Hive, An Introduction To Balanced Beekeeping, Learning From The Bees: A Philosophy Of Natural Beekeeping) form the canon of works that have shaped Bee-Centred Beekeeping in over the last 20 years.

I feel extremely honoured, pleased and humbled to welcome Phil as our guest speaker on this course.

The Barefoot Beekeeper was the first beekeeping book I read shaping and directing my journey in beekeeping from day number one. Welcome Philip Chandler!

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