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Beekeeping Class Notes – Bee Stings

Article by Australin Society of Clinical Immunology And Allergy: Allergic Reactions To Bites And Stings


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Worst Places to Get Stung by a Bee, Self-Experimentation


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Bee Therapy, National Geographic – 3:38min

Discovery Channel – Bee Venom Therapy – 3:30min

Love & Venom – Don Downs Apitherapist – 5:15min

Bee Venom Therapy Workshop at PBCA – 1:11:35min

Bee Venom Therapy – The Charlie Mraz Story – 39:00min

YouTube video: Mike Palmer – Importance of Getting Stung 3:32min

Article from New Scientist – A Sting A Day Keeps The Allergy Away

A trailer for the film Venom Therapy – 2:08min

Article from Vogue Magazine – Inside Gwyneth Paltrow’s Latest Wellness Adventure: Bee Sting Therapy

Article from Bee Culture – A Closer Look: Venom/Venom Glands 

Wikipedia article – Schmidt Sting Pain Index

Article by CBS News: Bee Sting Therapy For Osteoarthritis Joint Pain May Go Mainstream

Western Medicine Uses Bee Venom To Treat Cancer

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