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Guest Speaker: Krispn Given – Apiculture Specialist @ Perdue University USA – Breeding The Bee That Bites The Mite

We are pleased to announce our guest speaker for our March 2023 beekeeping course – Krispn Given – Apiculture Specialist in the Department of Entomology at Purdue University USA.

Krispn will be talking to the class about his work in Breeding for Behavioural Resistance to Varroa Destructor. His talk is entitled – Breeding The Bee That Bites The Mite.

Krispn in Ontario Canada conducting an instrumental insemination class


As a honey bee breeder and researcher, Krispn is focused on selecting for behavioural resistance to
varroa destructor by selecting bees with desirable behavioural traits,

Krispn was instrumental in developing the “Mite-biter”
honey bee strain, where they have demonstrated high-selected bees that
chew upwards of 50% of the mites that are groomed off their body’s.

U.S. Honey bee breeder and researcher Krispn Given holding a Mite-biter queen cell about to emerge from an incubator.

Krispn was also involved in several research projects the last nineteen years
at Purdue, he is an author and co-author of numerous publications, books,
including scientific and trade journal articles.

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