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Guest Speaker : Adrian Iodice of Beekeeping Naturally

Beekeeping Naturally

Adrian Iodice is a passionate advocate of natural, sustainable bee care, and a pioneer of the Natural Beekeeping Movement movement in Australia.

After beekeeping with conventional hives for 10 years, Adrian began looking for a more holistic and sustainable approach. After experimenting on his own, with few teachers available in Australia, Adrian travelled to southern Germany in 2012 to study at the renowned ‘Mellifera Centre for Organic Beekeeping’.

Adrian teaches natural, sustainable beekeeping in ‘Kenyan top bar hives’ at ‘The Crossing Land Education Centre’ in Bermagui on the far south coast of NSW where he lives with his wife and three children, and at the ‘Biodynamic Community Gardens’ in Warranwood, Victoria.

He is available to travel for teaching and speaking engagements around the country.

See Adrian talking about Kenyan Top Bar hives and his Natural Beekeeping courses on River Cottage Australia.