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One-On-One Mentoring

Do you already have a beehive and need help with your bees? Contact Daniel BeeShepherd and he will come to you. Alternatively, you can come to Castlemaine and we can use one of the Castlemaine Bee Sanctuary’s hives to learn.

Daniel can help with all aspects of beekeeping including:

– Choosing the best place to put your bees
– Choosing the style of hive that suits you
– Catching a swarm or setting up a swarm trap to catch your own bees
– Hiving a caught swarm
– Installing your new bees
– Re-homing wild colonies into a managed hive
– Troubleshooting problems with your colony
– Honey harvesting
– Swarm prevention
– Making nucleus colonies/splitting
– Post-mortem analysis if your bees have died out

One-On-One Mentoring in combination with Beekeeping Classes is the best way to ensure success as a new or existing beekeeper. We can also include One-On-One mentoring in conjunction with the Adopt-a-Hive program.

Call 0490 399 319, email or fill in the contact form to make a time or discuss how long your session will likely take.